Avoiding procrastination isn’t an easy task. Nowadays, there are multiple sources of distraction that make you avoid work and hop on the internet. We know that it takes a strong will power to overcome it so here we provide you with a couple of tips that can help:

Know yourself

Think about how procrastination is affecting your productivity and slowing down your work. No one knows you better than you do so take a moment to set a feasible timeframe to accomplish your goals.

Manage your time effectively

When the amount of work is too overwhelming, we start looking for excuses to avoid the task. Instead, divide the overall objective in small steps to help you reduce that feeling. By having smaller tasks, it’s easier to get them done and feel more productive.

Avoid distractions

Technology is a source of distractions that can reduce your productivity. If you put your phone on silent and far from your desk you won’t get interrupted.

Drink a cup of tea to boost your productivity

DayHolic and PM Charger provide you with a boost of energy, improving your attention and concentration to enhance your overall productivity.


Don’t let work stress you

When deadlines approach, they can spike your stress levels and you tend to work harder, not better. Whenever you’re feeling this way, take a deep breath and step back. You can also do any form of physical activity to ease that feeling, relieve tension and clear up your mind.

You can also drink a cup of Unplug; one of its benefits is relaxation of the mind and body that will allow you to concentrate. 

Just remember: avoid distractions, drink tea, manage your time, keep it cool and you will overcome procrastination once and for all.

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