Discover Ekön: The Ultimate Tea Experience for Men

Indulge in the exceptional quality of Ekön's award-winning, premium loose leaf teas, uniquely crafted for men. Celebrated for its exquisite taste, each blend is a testament to our commitment to 100% natural ingredients and health-forward innovation. Our carefully selected herbs, including Hibiscus, Rooibos, Ginger, and Green Tea, are blended to perfection, offering not just unparalleled flavor but also targeted health benefits for men. Experience the extraordinary with Ekön, where each sip is a step towards wellness and a tribute to the discerning taste.


  • ★★★★★
    "I thought tea was for girls who like their drinks with rose petals. I was wrong, so wrong! Ekön tastes great and gives me all-day energy"
  • ★★★★★
    "I bought ekon tea for my boyfriend and decided to try it. I had to buy him a replacement because I used half myself. It tastes great, unlike any other tea"
  • ★★★★★
    "The Dayholic tea has become my morning routine. It helps me crank without feeling edgy or worrying about long-term health issues"
  • ★★★★★
    "Ekön Tea helped me kick the coffee jitters. I enjoy a peace of mind I never experienced. I feel good all the time"
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  • Sarah K.
  • Chad M
  • Cory G.

The best loose-leaf tea engineered for the modern man

Ekön Tea offers a harmonious blend of health and taste, specifically designed to cater to men's needs. Despite our best efforts, the allure of beers, sodas, fast food, and more can sometimes prove irresistible. However, leading a healthy lifestyle is all about balance.

Ekön Tea aims to bring that balance into a man's life, providing support whether you're in search of a detox tea, a blend to boost your testosterone, or simply the best tea for an energy boost after a workout. At Ekön Tea, we've meticulously selected some of the healthiest and tastiest tea bases, infusing them with our unique twist to create utterly unique blends. Our recipes are designed not only to enhance a man's wellness and vitality but also to serve as antioxidants, promote better sleep, fertility, and much more.

Offering an economical alternative to the daily coffee shop run, Ekön Tea delivers the same quality at a fraction of the cost. We understand the convenience and ease of visiting your local coffee shop daily, but such convenience comes at a price.

With Ekön Tea, you can enjoy some of the best-tasting teas for men, which also boast detoxifying health benefits, all for just over 50 cents a brew.

  • The best detox teas for men on the market

    Perfect after your workout, before you sleep, or for a much-needed energy boost. Ekön Tea has blends that suit every man’s needs. 

  • Boost your testosterone levels with a flavorful cup of tea.

    Ekön Tea was made by men, for men. We’ve experienced firsthand just how much the right tea can change every aspect of your lifestyle…

  • Browse our full range of tea blends

    100% natural, non-GMO, sugar & gluten free tea. Our range of tea for men includes everything from detox and weight-loss blends to even testosterone boosting brews.