100% Natural Tea - Award Winning Taste

Not all teas are created equal. Awarded for its taste, Ekön offers premium loose leaf tea blends with amazing health benefits for Men. Crafted with select herbs such as Hibiscus, Rooibos, Ginger, & Green Tea, the male-specific health benefits derived from Ekön Tea blends are downright amazing. 

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Tea and Men

Tea is the second most consumed drink around the world (second only to water). However, sometimes tea can be perceived as a predominantly women's drink. Truth is, it has a long history of also benefiting men - here we dive into the history of tea and men. 

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7 ways to beat stress

We live in a very demanding world, where everything moves pretty fast. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that lots of people get stressed frequently. In fact, 43% of adults suffer adverse health effects derived from stress. When we experience too much distress, our mind and bodies feel the consequences. The good thing is that there are ways to avoid, and diminish these negative effects. Here we present you with 7 different ways that can help. 

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