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If you’ve gained weight, the fault could not be in what you eat – but instead what you drink. Many of us have heard about beer bellies and drunken cravings alongside drinks laden with sugar. Our society has normalized the excessive consumption of beer, soft drinks and more despite it being incredibly unhealthy and a key reason behind weight gain.

Drinking tea to lose weight is nothing new. People have been drinking healthy herbal brews like oolong tea for their weight loss benefits and to detox their bodies for nearly as long as tea has been around. Ekön Tea helps make these benefits easily accessible for men.

The easiest way to achieve your weight loss goals.

You might be wondering: “how much herbal or green tea do I need to drink to lose weight?” The truth is, there is no specific amount.

Drinking tea to lose weight is a great strategy that complements other methods of losing weight. The best part about it? All it takes is for you to change your drink to something equally as tasty – but far healthier.

Discover Ekön Tea’s weight loss blends

If you’re looking for the best tea to help you lose weight, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to teas with weight loss benefits, people typically think of oolong or green tea blends – and they would be right.

Ekön Tea’s PoundHacker Skinny Tea Blend is made from green tea – a drink known around the world for its range of health benefits and smooth flavor. PoundHacker is a healthy herbal tea blend designed you’re your weight loss goals in mind.  


By helping accelerate your metabolism and giving you a much-needed energy and focus boost, you can start burning fat and losing weight at quicker rates. Additionally, yerba mate helps you suppress your cravings throughout the day and assists in your body’s blood sugar control, while the blend’s rosehip will also promote a healthier digestive system. Ingredients include green tea, yerba mate, rosehip, ginger, apple, hibiscus, and more.

is another tea blend specifically formulated to help you lose weight in a completely natural, care-free, and easy way. The combination of rooibos and green tea work wonders as appetite suppressants, meaning you’ll be eating less throughout the day. Ingredients include green tea, rosehips, ginger, rooibos tea, and coconut.

A flavor profile that keeps you coming back for more…



Just because some of our herbal tea blends are designed for weight loss doesn’t mean they don’t taste the part too. PoundHacker’s juicy blueberry undertones and accent of ginger perfectly complement the green tea base, giving men an opportunity to have a refreshing, healthy beverage.

Fasting Champ is similarly moreish, with the combination of coconut, rooibos, and green tea being a smooth and satisfying flavor palate.

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Ekön Tea is always coming out with more flavors and blends to add to our repertoire of teas that help you lose weight. If you’re looking for herbal detox tea to help with your weight loss goals, get started with one of our tea blends today.

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