As men, we go through a lot each day. The stresses of work, life, and the future can, quite literally, be a massive headache. Sometimes what we need is time to unplug and destress. A cup of Ekön Tea is one of the best solutions for headaches and sinus aches.

Give yourself a break and unplug from the world.

Headaches are never fun. Apart from the obvious pain, they can really be a dampener on our moods and make it hard to focus. With more and more time spent looking at bright screens and increasingly busy schedules, it seems headaches are persistent and ever-present for some of us.


Herbal tea is a great solution for headaches as it does not require a visit to the doctors for medication and do not interrupt any of your pre-existing routines or medications. All it takes is for you to change what you drink to something far healthier and even tastier. In fact, people have known for centuries that tea is good for headache relief. Herbal teas, chamomile, and more have soothing and calming properties which carry over and help reduce headaches.

Relieve your headaches with a soothing tea blend from Ekön Tea.

Tea is one of the most diverse drinks out there. Some teas have a high caffeine content and are great for a quick energy boost, while others have the exact opposite effect.

When you’re suffering from a headache, what you need is a calm, soothing drink that offers you the chance to get the rest you need to recover.

What tea is good for headache relief?


With no caffeine content, Ekön Tea has a range of tea blends that are perfect for this. Unplug, a calming tea blend, uses a mixture of hibiscus, honeybush, chamomile, peppermint, rosehip, lemon balm, passionflower, licorice.

Many of these ingredients, chamomile, honeybush and peppermint in particular, are great for helping you cope with your headache, soothe your muscles, fight inflammation, and ease your anxiety.

A calming combination of flavors…


Hibiscus, Lemon balm, chamomile, passionflower and more. These are flavors that the modern man needs to truly relax and enjoy.

At Ekön Tea, we’ve carefully crafted our recipes to not only taste amazing, but to reflect and enhance the particular effects the tea has. We want the experience of drinking tea to be as immersive for men as it can possibly be. Our tea for headaches has been created by not only considering the flavors, but also the herbal qualities.

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Our range of teas are available in both loose leaf and teabag form, depending on how you like to brew your drink. If you have any further questions or would like some advice on choosing the right tea blend for you, get in touch with us here. Or why not try them all…