Why Tea for Men?

Why men should drink EKÖN Tea?
I am a man, and I know this - Men put a lot of stress on their bodiesThey work, they provide, they slack off, they eat unhealthily and don’t always do things in moderation. I.e. that 6 pack of beer and the half of fried chicken they (I) ate on the boat last weekend.
The added stress on a man’s body can be extreme. Much of it is self-inflicted, and I think we know that. Like most people, men understand that eventually, careless behavior catches up to us and making smarter choices is part of balancing a healthy lifestyle. We must make choices sometimes that promote our well being and help keep us moving forward to lead healthy, successful lives.        
To be able to do things guys need to do, is all about balance. Drinking Ekön tea is a smart choice that promotes balance in a man’s life. A counterbalance, if you will, to some of the harm and stress exerted on our bodies and minds. The carefully selected blends of Ekön Teas are crafted to address the most vital elements of a man’s wellness and vitality. With high-quality ingredients like Hibiscus, Rooibos, and Ginger, which have been known to increase libido, improve fertility and promote hair growth, or Green Tea, which helps the body control cholesterol and contains cancer-fighting antioxidants. Ekön Teas natural ingredient blends have been curated specifically for men to promote wellness, vitality and sexual health. Be a man, Drink Ekön.

Ekon tea sample pack teas for men