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7 ways to beat stress

We live in a very demanding world, where everything moves pretty fast. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising that lots of people get stressed frequently. In fact, 43% of adults suffer adverse health effects derived from stress. Let’s not get tense about “stress”. Stress can be positive when keeping us alert to avoid danger or it can be negative, which is the one we’re the most familiar with. When we experience too much distress, our mind and bodies feel the consequences (anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, just to name a few). The good thing is that there are ways to avoid, and diminish these negative effects. Here we present you with 7 different ways that can help:

Exercise: it relieves both the physical and emotional effects of stress. Try going out for a jog, doing several push-ups or maybe even enlist in a weekly class like yoga. Doing physical activities during workdays can help you ease the stress on your muscles and mind. 

Have a support group: You can’t just tweet your stress away. We highly recommend you to setting up a support group; a bunch of friends, family, colleagues, or whomever, to get you to unwind and just blurt out whatever is stressing you out. Just talking about it can make a huge difference in your heart rate.

Meditate: This doesn’t mean sitting on the floor channeling your inner buddha, Rather, meditation is simply setting some time for yourself in order to focus on your breathing and being able to pinpoint what it is making you stressed, and think what you can do to solve that issue. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes a day.

Relax: If you’re simply not that into mediation, you still need to find a way to relax. There are some healthy ways to do this, such as listening to music (something like jazz or lofi instead of hard rock), writing in a journal, doodling, or enjoying a long steamy bath. 

Set an alarm: Not to wake up earlier, but rather to remind you to go to sleep. Getting your 8 hour-sleep is no joke, this reduces the likelihood of headaches and heart attacks and makes you get up the next day in a better mood.

Watch your meals: Reduce carbohydrates (cut down on pasta and pizza) and try to fill your meals with the right amount of proteins and greens. Avoiding fried foods will do great things for your mind, body, and stress. When eating healthy, you feel healthy, and just this mindset can reduce your stress levels significantly. 

Tone it down with the booze: booze isn’t the best way to relax, and neither is a hot cup of joe. Caffeine and alcohol may seem extremely tempting at the moment, but in the long-run, it’ll just mess you up more, increasing likelihood of anxiety and depression (alcohol is naturally a depressant). May we recommend our Unplug blend...

Next time you feel like stress is beating you up, just remember these 7 tips, and you’ll notice the difference they make, resulting in a better and healthier you.


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