There are those who love to get dirty and fix things. They drink coffee at dawn, beer after work. And those who stay clean, just appreciate things. At breakfast they have milk and juice at night. There are those who do both, they drink tea.” –Gary Snyder

Tea is the second most consumed drink around the world (second only to water). However, sometimes tea can be perceived as a predominantly women's drink. Truth is, it has a long history of also benefiting men. Tea has been part of the masculine identity for ages. Back in the 15th century, it was a major part of Samurai culture and afterwards, the British soldiers used it as a pick me up for their fights during World War II. And somehow, the tea culture never developed in America even after having scientific proof that has a direct benefit in people’s health.



During the American Revolution, Great Britain controlled the shipping routes preventing the luxury goods and tea to have fair trade with America. Once the revolution stopped, everyone went back to drinking tea until the war of 1812 where the supply stopped, again. That’s when America decided to focus on a product with easier availability: coffee. With time, coffee became the go-to drink for Americans while leaving behind the healthier and more luxurious drink – tea.


Now back to the health benefits

Science caught up with history and now we have numerous proven benefits of drinking tea, such as the presence of antioxidants that are pivotal to achieve optimum health. 

Of course there are many other benefits depending on the tea ingredients, such as giving energy, helping brain function and getting rid of toxins. ekön actually studied the art of tea and the benefits and created the perfect blends based on your needs.


Here’s how tea can help you on your day to day activities

Weight loss support: Pound Hacker has the right combination of plants to help you burn fat easier, lose weight and lower your risk of obesity. It also improves physical performance and reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Energy boost: Dayholic is rich in black tea, cinnamon, and yerba mate which provides you with an energy boost similar to coffee: helps you stay more alert, improves your memory, productivity and even your motivation.

Sleepiness: Don’t let fatigue affect your performance. A cup of PM Charger will end up being the perfect substitute for coffee while improving digestive function and reducing blood pressure.

Cleansing toxins: Clean Machine helps your body get rid of toxins and reduces several of the most common risk factors` for heart disease. It can be your best friend after exercising because it may reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Improve your mood: Unplug is the perfect option to relieve tension and reduce anxiety due to its natural properties. Unplug will help you have a peaceful time without worries.

Ekön is focused on bringing the benefits of tea back to men. With our premium all natural tea, we look to provide a beverage that not only tastes great, but is also good for your overall health.

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