Traveler Collection

In this bundle we combine blends with unique ingredients from every corner of the world to take your pallet on a first class journey through the Ekön tea world. Bringing you Oolong from the far east, Rooibos from Southern Africa and the classic Sir Earl Grey from the busy streets of London you'll be sure to enjoy this tasting adventure at a great bundled price (20% OFF)! 

Bundle includes:

One 60g Sir Earl Grey Pouch (30 servings) -- Sir Earl Grey is Ekön’s own twist on the popular Earl Grey tea. With the perfect balance of caffeinated and aromatic herbs, this delicious blend updates a classic for the modern male palate.

One 60g Oolong Express Pouch (30 servings) -- The rich complexity of oolong tea lays a smooth foundation for a majestic cup, packed with savory spice notes and hypnotic aroma. Prepare to indulge in a high-quality blend combining natural ingredients that have been used for centuries.

One 60g Turbo Rooibos Pouch (30 servings) -- Rooibos has been consumed in Southern Africa for centuries and its popularity has now taken off around the world. Turbo Rooibos combines this delicious herb with fresh fruity ingredients that result in a thunderclap of flavor.