A Real Rock’n’Roll Leaf

We just love a good brew at Ekön Tea, and we know you do too. Did you know that there are also loads of famous guys out there who love tea? 

It’s not hard to imagine why. Got a banging migraine from an all-night bender before the big show? You’ll be wanting a tea for headaches.

Need to sober up before the interview? Detox tea for men it is. 

Getting in shape for that shirtless scene in your next movie? Skip the beer and have a tea to help lose weight

Here are a few notorious celebrities who can’t get enough of it.


Mick Jagger

Still filling out stadiums at 70+, could tea be the secret to the Rolling Stone’s relentless energy? Quite possibly.

Quote: “I got nasty habits; I take tea at three.”


Russell Crowe

Russel Crowe (aka Gladiator) is also a fan of a cuppa.

Quote: “I found Yorkshire tea at Myers of Keswick on Hudson Street, NY. Teapot and 1953 coronation cup… Aah tea.”



Ozzy Osbourne

The Black Sabbath lead singer is a big tea fan.

Quote: “I f***ing love Yorkshire Gold.”

No more evidence needed.


Sean Connery

Bond. James Bond.

Yes, the original Bond loves his tea. It doesn’t get more manly than that.


So there you have it, proof if ever proof were needed that real men drink tea.

Have you had your cup today?

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