Pre-2017: There weren’t any teas designed for men. Their palate, their lifestyles, and their image were left alone to suffer. The world was a dark and cold place with little room for hope.

2017: Two long-time friends realized this terrible situation. So they founded ekön, a brand built around making loose-leaf tea for men.

Battle-cries were heard around the world and men everywhere could feel, even if they didn’t know why, hope returning.

Tea Fit For a Man

Tea isn’t considered manly in the U.S. That's a tragedy, because loose leaf tea is too damned delicious and good for you not to drink.

It’s almost frowned upon for a man to drink tea here. To be a man, you're expected to drink either whiskey, beer, or (under dire circumstances) whole milk. 

Believing there's a happy medium we decided to make a tea that you don’t need to be embarrassed to be seen drinking... ekön tea. 

Why Tea? 

Tea is a huge part of the culture in Europe and Asia, but, due to circumstances back in the olden days (Viva la Revolución!), tea never became ingrained in our culture as it has pretty much everywhere else.

But the world is becoming more connected by the minute. The same constraints that inspired The People to throw a metric f--- ton of tea into the Boston Harbour don’t exist anymore.

Warriors through time have known the benefits and deliciousness of tea. The Samurai, the British soldiers of WW2 and Sean Connery. Would you tell Sean Connery that tea isn’t manly? That’s right.

To Men 

Our mission is to provide men the option of high-quality, pure, loose leaf tea -- without the stigma, the embarrassment, or the feeling that you’re less of a man.

We want to give men the tools they need to be their best selves.

To inspire them to buck the standards of society that tells them what a man should do. 

To show them that men can follow their own muse.

That men can drink what they want.

That men drink tea.