100% Natural Tea for men - Award Winning Taste

Not all teas are created equal. Awarded for its taste, Ekön offers premium loose leaf tea blends with amazing health benefits for Men. Crafted with select herbs such as Hibiscus, Rooibos, Ginger, & Green Tea, the male-specific health benefits derived from Ekön Tea blends are downright amazing. 

See all of the health benefits as well as exactly how our teas are crafted for men.


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The best loose leaf tea engineered for the modern man

Men put plenty of stress on their body. No matter how hard we try, beers, sodas, fast food, and more are sometimes irresistible– but that’s okay. Leading a healthy lifestyle is all about balance. 

Ekön Tea helps bring that balance to a man’s life. 

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a detox tea for men, tea to boost your testosterone or even just the best tea for an energy boost after a workout. At Ekön Tea, we’ve selected some of the healthiest and tastiest tea bases and added our own twist for some utterly unique blends. Not only do our recipes boost a man’s wellness and vitality, but they can also act as antioxidants, promote better sleep, fertility, and much more. 

Far cheaper than going to Starbucks every day…but every bit as good

We get it. The convenience and ease of heading to your local coffee shop every day is nice. But convenience has its cost…

With some of the best-tasting tea for men, Ekön Tea offers you a drink that has detoxifying health benefits too – all for just over 50c a brew.

The best detox teas for men on the market

Perfect after your workout, before you sleep, or for a much-needed energy boost. Ekön Tea has blends that suit every man’s needs. 

Boost your testosterone levels with a flavorful cup of tea.

Ekön Tea was made by men, for men. We’ve experienced firsthand just how much the right tea can change every aspect of your lifestyle…

If you think you could do with something to boost your testosterone levels, why not try our delicious men’s teas?

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100% natural, non-GMO, sugar & gluten free tea. Our range of tea for men includes everything from detox and weight-loss blends to even testosterone boosting brews. Find what you need.

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