harvesting and crafting tea

Immerse yourself South America's Southernmost Tea Adventure over three unforgettable days with ekön Tea. Our team had the privilege of traveling to the southernmost tea route in the world.

Exploring global tea regions, we encounter diverse plantations in China, including Fujian, Zhejiang, and Yunnan. India boasts famous regions like Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri, while Kenya leads in African black tea production. Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is known for Ceylon tea, and Japan stands out for green tea, particularly in Uji and Shizuoka. Taiwan produces various teas, especially oolong, and Turkey is notable for black tea in the Black Sea region. Iran, a tea-loving nation, focuses on black tea, and Indonesia, particularly Java and Sumatra, has significant tea plantations. Argentina, the southernmost tea producer globally, provides a unique twist to traditional tea-growing regions, with a notable export market, primarily to the United States for iced tea consumption.


This tea has garnered recognition for its quality, winning awards, and it produces a range of teas, including both black and green varieties.

Join us in this chronicle of three days filled with sensations, where each moment awakens a passion for tea.

Day 1: Uncovering the Industrial Secrets of Tea

On the first day of our experience on the Tea Route, we delved into the inner workings of the tea industry. From plantation to cup, we unveiled the secrets of tea production. We explored every step of the process, immersing ourselves in the history of how the camellia sinensis plant arrives in our lands and transforms into the delightful infusion we cherish. 


Days 2 and 3: Harvesting, Crafting, and Specialized Tasting 

The second and third days were dedicated to the harvest, crafting, and specialized tasting of the emblematic Green and Black Teas. Actively participating in the collection of camellia sinensis buds, we learned to select the most delicate leaves to produce exceptional tea. We experienced the artisanal crafting process, from drying to rolling, discovering the differences between various tea types.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Carolina Okulovich, the driving force behind the Tea Route in Misiones. As an attorney, mother, and President of CETA, Carolina stands as the representative of the Okulovich family's fourth generation—a family deeply rooted in tea and yerba production. 

Inspired by her family legacy and fueled by unwavering support from her mother, Norma, Carolina has crafted an unparalleled space. This space allows every visitor to immerse themselves in the rich history of Argentine tea, from the lush plantations to the comforting cup.

Their generosity has allowed us to discover the enchantment of tea in its purest form, making our journey truly magical.

Discover the Passion Behind Every Sip

The Tea Route is not just a journey through the history and production of tea; it's a unique opportunity for each visitor to harvest and craft their personalized tea.

South America ´s known for tourist attractions like Iguazú Falls, and the Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio, is also home to excellent quality tea that has gained international recognition.




A Stroll through the Tea Plantation Area 

The plantation area is surrounded by lush vegetation, streams, and undulating landscapes that captivate. With a humid subtropical climate perfect for tea cultivation. The immersive experience of the tea route takes us through plantation paths, harvesting buds, and learning the secrets behind tea production.


ekön Tea's Tea Route: More Than a Visit, an Experience

Unlike the wine route, ekön Tea's Tea Route is a complete immersion in the tea production process. From a modern factory to the hands-on harvesting task, each visitor becomes part of the fascinating world of tea. The experience culminates in crafting your tea followed by a tasting where each participant discovers the distinctive notes of their creation. 



ekön Tea's Tea Route is ideal for those seeking to disconnect in nature, establishing a closer connection with it. Immerse yourself in the silence, colors, aromas, and flavors offered by this unique experience.

Learning from what nature provides and observing the dedicated work of those who care for it, the Tea Route, is a journey that will captivate your senses and leave a lasting impression.

Written by Griselda Churuvija - ITMA Certified Tea Master

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