For many men, shaving is an essential part of their lives, and shaving cuts are a near inevitability. No matter how skilled you are, nicks happen. Do you treat them like a pro or do you still use toilet paper?

If the answer is toilet paper, buddy, we’ll show  you how to properly treat a shaving cut!

Alum block

It’s a small brick made of the potassium mineral alum. To use it, you have to rinse it lightly in cold water, then press it gently over the wound. The alum disinfects the nick and foils further bleeding.

Cold water

All you need to do is to splash some cold water all over your face, and blood flow will be reduced. If you want faster results, try rubbing an ice cube on the cut.

Styptic pencils

Using them is really easy. You just have to rinse  the tip and press it on the cut for a few seconds. It’ll leave a white, powdery residue where it has been applied, so remember to take it off before leaving home.

Lip balm

An unusual, but surprisingly useful alternative to treat a shaving cut is lip balm. It can help stop the bleeding from shaving nicks,and help close the wounds.

Green Tea

Believe it or not, using a cool green tea bag can stop bleeding and soothe irritation. It isn't as practical or well-known as the others, but is still helpful when needed.

Deodorant or antiperspirant

That's right! Antiperspirants and deodorants can help you treat that shaving nick. They contain aluminum chloride, which can cause a blood clot to form and help stop bleeding. Just rub your fingertips with some, and apply them  gently on the cut.

Did we leave any method out of our list? Share it in the comments!  

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