The Best Methods to Brew the Perfect Iced Tea

Iced tea is a refreshing and revitalizing drink, ideal for hot days or whenever you need a cool, delicious beverage. At Ekön Tea, we understand that brewing great iced tea is more than just pouring cold water over a Pyramid Tea Bag or Loose Leaf. It's a process that, when done right, can elevate your tea-drinking experience to a whole new level. Here, we present two of the best methods to brew the perfect iced tea using our premium Ekön Tea blends and our innovative Ice Uber Glass Pitcher.

Key Ingredients

To start, you'll need the right ingredients and equipment. The quality of the tea and the pitcher are essential, so we recommend using our premium Ekön Tea blends and the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher.

  • Ekön Tea: Choose from our varieties of black tea, green tea, or herbal blends.
  • Water: Use filtered water to avoid impurities.
  • Ice: Make sure you have plenty of ice on hand.
  • Sweeteners: Optional, such as sugar, honey, or natural sweeteners.
  • Extras: Lemon slices, mint leaves, fruit juices.
  • Ice Uber Glass Pitcher: The perfect addition to your tea collection, designed to keep your tea chilled for hours without dilution.

Introducing the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher

Experience the refreshing taste of tea with the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher. Crafted with premium materials and innovative design, this pitcher is the epitome of modern sophistication. Its ice core keeps your tea chilled for hours without dilution, ensuring pure enjoyment every time. Made from high-quality materials, this pitcher is sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting use. Impress your guests with its elegant and stylish design that adds a touch of class to any occasion. With an ergonomic handle, pouring your favorite tea is a breeze, providing a comfortable grip for effortless serving. Bring a touch of luxury to your tea parties with the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher.



  • Top Diameter: 3 1/2"
  • Maximum Diameter: 6"
  • Height: 10 1/4"
  • Capacity: 2 quarts (64 ounces)

Method 1: Hot Brew Method

This is the traditional method for making iced tea, where you brew a hot infusion that is then cooled.

  1. Select your tea: Choose your favorite Ekön Tea blend.
  2. Boil the water: For black tea, boil the water to 95°C (203°F); for green tea, 80°C (176°F).
  3. Steep: Add the tea bags or loose leaves to the hot water. Let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Sweeten: If you prefer, add sweetener while the tea is hot.
  5. Cool the tea: Let the tea reach room temperature, then transfer it to your Ice Uber Glass Pitcher filled with ice.
  6. Refrigerate: For a more intense flavor, refrigerate the tea for at least an hour before serving.
  7. Serve and enjoy: Pour the tea into a glass with fresh ice from the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher and add your favorite extras.

Method 2: Cold Brew Method

This method is perfect for a smoother, less bitter tea.

  1. Select your tea: Choose your Ekön Tea blend.
  2. Cold water: Fill your Ice Uber Glass Pitcher with cold, filtered water.
  3. Add the tea: Place the tea bags or loose leaves in the pitcher.
  4. Long infusion: Leave the pitcher in the refrigerator for 6 to 12 hours. The longer, the more intense the flavor.
  5. Remove the tea: Take out the tea bags or strain the leaves.
  6. Serve and enjoy: Pour the tea into a glass with fresh ice.

Additional Tips

  • Experiment with flavors: Don’t be afraid to mix different types of Ekön Tea to create your perfect blend.
  • Adjust the intensity: Add more tea leaves or extend the steeping time for a stronger flavor.
  • Make it in bulk: Prepare a large batch and store it in the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher for ready-to-drink iced tea anytime.

The Ekön Tea Touch

At Ekön Tea, we specialize in creating tea experiences that match your lifestyle. Our blends are designed not just to satisfy your palate but to complement your active and modern life. With the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher, you can ensure your iced tea stays perfectly chilled without dilution, providing a premium tea experience every time. So, the next time you need a refreshing and energizing drink, follow this guide and enjoy the perfect iced tea brewed with Ekön Tea and served in the Ice Uber Glass Pitcher.


Por Griselda Churuvija - ITMA Certified Tea Master

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