Crafting the Best Iced Tea with Ekon Tea's Premium Blends

As the temperature rises and summer takes center stage, there's nothing quite like a glass of iced tea to beat the heat. At Ekon Tea, we pride ourselves on offering a selection of premium teas that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Today, we're excited to share the secrets of creating the perfect iced tea experience, with a special focus on our four delightful green teas: Pound Hacker, Fasting Champ, PM Charger, and Bulldozer. These green teas, in particular, have been favored for their delicate flavors and refreshing qualities, making them the ideal choice for your chilled summer sips.


  1. Embracing the Green Tea Coolness:

Green teas, with their grassy notes and vibrant aromas, lend themselves beautifully to the world of iced tea. At Ekon Tea, we take great care in sourcing and curating premium green teas that embody the essence of a perfect summer refreshment. While all our teas can be enjoyed cold or hot, the green varieties, Pound Hacker, Fasting Champ, PM Charger, and Bulldozer, are highly recommended for their refreshing attributes.

  1. Crafting the Iced Perfection:


To brew the perfect iced tea, start by selecting one of our delightful green tea blends. Each of these green teas possesses its own distinct character, ranging from bold and invigorating to smooth and soothing. Here are the recommended brewing times for each:

  • Pound Hacker: Steep for 2 to 3 minutes to unlock its invigorating and robust flavors.
  • Fasting Champ: Brew for 3 to 4 minutes to reveal its subtle and calming qualities.
  • PM Charger: Allow it to steep for 2 to 3 minutes to experience its uplifting and refreshing notes.
  • Bulldozer: Steep for 3 to 4 minutes to savor its bold and energizing taste.
  1. Cooling with Care:

Once your green tea has reached its optimal flavor profile, it's time to cool it down. For the best results, allow the freshly brewed tea to cool to room temperature before refrigerating. This gentle cooling process helps retain the tea's delicate nuances, ensuring a harmonious and delightful iced tea experience.

  1. Elevate the Chill:

While our green teas are a treat on their own, you can elevate your iced tea experience with creative additions. Experiment with slices of fresh fruits like citrus or berries for a burst of natural sweetness. Alternatively, a sprig of mint or a dash of ginger can add a refreshing twist to your summer sip.

As you embark on your journey to craft the perfect iced tea for this summer, remember that Ekön Tea's selection of premium green teas, including Pound Hacker, Fasting Champ, PM Charger, and Bulldozer, are the ideal choices to indulge in a refreshing and invigorating beverage. While all our teas can be enjoyed hot or cold, the unique qualities of our green teas truly shine when served over ice.

So, whether you're relaxing on a sunny afternoon or hosting a gathering with loved ones, let the cool goodness of Ekon Tea's green iced teas be your go-to refreshment. Embrace the beauty of summer with every sip, and savor the pure essence of nature's goodness in each glass of our meticulously crafted teas. Cheers to a summer filled with delicious and cooling iced tea moments!

Por Griselda Churuvija - ITMA Certified Tea Master

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