Ah, the pre-date ritual. An art that many men have perfected over the years. For some, it’s a fresh shirt and a splash of cologne; for others, it’s an elaborate process lasting many hours. Whatever first date ideas you’re planning, it’s time to look at a few steps to perfect your own pre-date ritual.

Buy a New Shirt

Did you think the pre-date ritual started mere hours before the date itself? Shame on you. It’s never too early to plan, and that means picking up a new shirt well in advance.

While you’re at it, pick up some new pants and socks and get a new men's date night outfit—fresh, new clothes are always a good idea. More than anything, it gives you a confidence boost.


Clean Everything

Are you picking your date up in your car? You’ll want to clean that. Turning up in a car caked in dirt is the ultimate way to ruin your date before you’ve even opened your mouth.

And if you have any plans to invite her in for a cup of tea after the date, please, please clean up. Bringing her back to your dank man cave with last night’s dinner stewing silently on the table is no bueno.


Double-Check the Details 

The moment is getting closer, but you’ve still got a few hours to go. Now is the time to double-check that you’ve got everything right.

Whether you’re planning a dinner date or movie date, make sure you know where it is and how to get there. Are you picking your date up? Same as above. Going to a show? Check your tickets.


Shave and Manscape 

Whether you’re a clean-shaven kind of guy or you rock the hipster look, now is the time to trim. Shave it off or tidy up around the edges—just make sure it does not look like you have misplaced your razor/trimmer for the past month.

Whatever you think you know about your date’s facial hair preference, she does not like the morning-after look (at least not on a first date).

While you’re at it, now is the perfect time for a little manscaping. Trim your neckline, get rid of that fuzz on your back, pluck those nose hairs, and trim your eyebrows. Perfect.


Shower and Moisturize

Turning up with a day’s worth of body odor is the greatest turnoff known to womankind, so enjoy a long, hot shower a few hours before the date.

Then add your secret sauce: moisturizer! Apply it to all the skin on show, including your face and hands at the very least, to give your skin a youthful glow. She will be impressed.


Clean Your Nails

Nails? When do men clean their nails? Before a date, that’s when.

You may have never noticed your own nails, or anyone else’s for that matter. She will though. And she will not be impressed by that gunk that's been hiding there for God knows how long.

Clean them, trim them, and avoid this scenario. It will take all of two minutes, and it will be worth it.


Choose Your Cologne and Apply Early

You know your favorite cologne, but make sure you apply it early on and don’t overload it. About an hour before you are due to meet is perfect. That way, when you meet your date, the result is just the right amount of fresh, sexy fragrance.



There you have it, the perfect pre-date ritual. From choosing the perfect men's casual date outfit to cleaning your nails, there’s a lot involved. 

What else do you get up to in the hours preceding a date? Everyone is different, but these ideas should help you to cover all your bases and give you the confidence you need to have a great night out.

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