Like it or not, you are being observed; the way you look, how you dress, how you carry yourself and how you do your job are key factors to give a good impression. Although the most important issue for the company you work for is your performance, things like appearance and the way you talk have an effect on what they think of you.

A good impression can only be made once. Your appearance suggests many positive things, such as trustworthiness, proactivity, responsibility and it will increase your self-confidence to help you impress and attract others.

Here’s how to accomplish a great first impression: 


Little things like clean teeth, clean nails, good shaving and the right haircut tend to be overlooked but are an essential part of your presence.

You may like to invest in a pleasant fragrance or deodorant but never overuse it.


You always want to give a good first impression. To do so, you have to dress accordingly to meetings with your boss or potential business partners.

It is best to wear clean, ironed and tuck in shirts. It gives a cleaner look that people will notice.

You can put together a formal outfit by wearing a pair of polished shoes, pressed trousers and tie. But if you are looking for a more casual look a solid color t-shirt, striped tees or henleys are the way to go.

Body Language

Body language can tell a lot about a person. In order to give a good impression, keep people at ease or interested in what you are saying; do as follows:

  • Give a firm handshake, not to strong though.
  • Avoid crossing your arms over your chest during meetings and interviews.
  • Keep eye contact with the people you are talking to. It builds up trust.
  • Don't overuse hand gestures! You can easily avoid this by simply crossing your arms behind your back.

Follow these easy tips to leave a lasting impression in everyone you meet! 

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