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Tea remains one of the most popular beverages across the world. There are thousands of tea flavors all of which have health-promoting benefits. So how do the most preferred choices of the best tea for energy and focus compare?

Why Tea is Good for Energy

Tea has fair amounts of caffeine that can give you that much-needed energy boost and focus to study, exercise, among other activities. However, tea is favored over other caffeinated drinks because it provides prolonged energy levels and focus. In contrast, coffee and other caffeinated beverages are known to give users a feeling of ‘highs and crashes’ when it comes to boosting energy levels. Tea is unique because it has the l-theanine compound that enhances;

  • Calm
  • Relaxation
  • Focus

The 3 Best Teas for Energy and Focus

1.    Green Tea

Best known for its blood pressure and weight loss benefits, green tea has unique qualities that make it stand out when compared to other best teas for energy. Although it is not caffeine-rich, it contains a compound that slows down the rate at which your body absorbs caffeine. This is beneficial because it allows your body to process caffeine more efficiently resulting in longer-lasting energy levels. If you are looking for the best morning tea for energy, green tea is the obvious choice.

2.    Matcha

Apart from being among the best teas for energy and mental focus, Matcha is also regarded as the best tea for after a workout. The secret as to why it is preferred as a post-workout drink is down to the fact that it is ground into a fine powder before being mixed with hot water. The result is high levels of antioxidants in the tea. By consuming Matcha, you benefit from;

  • More energy and focus from its high levels of caffeine
  • Improved fat breakdown after exercise due to its high amounts of anti-oxidants

3.    Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is more renowned as the best detox tea for men because it does not have caffeine although it has energy-boosting capabilities. Its mood and long-term memory boosting capabilities mean that it is often included in the best tea for energy and focus conversations.

Boost Energy Levels and Focus with Ekon Teas

The best teas for energy and focus are organic and loose-leaf categories because they have high amounts of healthy compounds that give you exactly what you need. Our energy-boosting teas are the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ choice, regardless of whether you prefer your flavor spicy or with earthy notes.

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