7 things that every man should have in his wardrobe

Let’s be real, you own a lot of clothes but somehow end up wearing the same couple of outfits over and over again. And that’s okay but sometimes we have to add two or three different garments to elevate your outfit. Here are our 7 musts: 

  1. Button-downs



Most guys have a closet full of dress shirts, but they only wear 2 or 3 of them. Make it simple. Just choose a couple of shirts you can combine with different outfits, like a white one, a pastel blue and a grey one.


  1. Chinos


Jeans are good, but investing on a couple of chinos for your workplace it's a must. Choose two colors that you can combine with everything: beige and navy blue are two great options.


3. White T-Shirt



A well-fitting white t-shirt looks amazing and matches almost every garment, so it’s a safe bet.


4. Dark Jeans


You only need to have one pair of well-fitting jeans. We recommend you to get a darker pair because it really goes well with every color.


  1. Wool-Flannel Trousers


If chinos aren't your thing or you are looking for different pants to wear at work, it’s time to consider a pair of wool-flannel trousers. You can combine them with a tucked-in white shirt to make it casual but still formal enough for work.


  1. Denim Jacket



A different hue-denim-jacket worn with a pair of jeans is the perfect addition to give your outfit an elevated look.


  1. Bomber jacket



A bomber jacket is the final touch to elevate a very neutral and basic look.There are plenty of different styles, but we recommend you to go for white, beige or brown to combine it with dark jeans and a light T-Shirt.

With these few items, you will be able to create endless outfit combinations that will help you impress everyone around you.

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