Sharp & Energized

This bundle packs our three all natural energy boosting tea blends to help you conquer all your tasks. Feel sharp, smart, and ready to go, anytime with this amazing bundled price (20% OFF)! 

Bundle includes:

  • One 60g Dayholic Pouch (30 servings) -- This blend contains adaptogen herbs traditionally used for increasing stamina that oxygenates the blood, improves circulation, and increases overall energy and focus. 
  • One 60g PM Charger Pouch (30 servings) -- Formulated to help with digestion, this blend also provides the perfect amount of energy you need in the afternoon or evening without sacrificing your ability to fall asleep later on. Drink a cup after lunch to have your body & mind functioning optimally. 
  • One 60g Laser Focus Pouch (30 servings) -- This ultimate brain fog buster packs in tasty natural ingredients that feed your mind and freshen your senses.