Unlocking the Perfect Brew: Tips to Elevate Your Ekön Tea Experience

As part of Ekön tea´s expert team, we understand the nuances of tea preparation and are here to guide you through the process. Today, we're delving into the five most common mistakes people make when brewing their favorite cup of tea.

Choosing the Wrong Tea

Among the plethora of tea options available, selecting the right one is paramount. Each tea possesses distinct characteristics suited for specific occasions. For instance, opting for a high-caffeine tea like black tea before bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns. Instead, consider a low-caffeine option such as a baked oolong for a soothing pre-sleep ritual. When sharing tea with a loved one, consider their preferences; while floral or fruity blends might appeal to some, many men gravitate towards simpler, unadorned teas like black or green. Choosing the right tea sets the foundation for a delightful experience.


Using Too Little or Too Much Tea

Personal taste plays a significant role in tea enjoyment. Some prefer robust flavors, while others favor milder profiles. One common mistake is brewing tea that's either too strong or too weak. Aligning the tea's intensity with the drinker's preference is key. Additionally, the quantity of tea used influences flavor intensity. While a standard spoonful per cup suffices, adjust according to personal taste. More leaves yield a stronger brew, while fewer offer a gentler flavor profile. Tailoring the tea to individual preferences ensures a satisfying cup every time.

Steeping in Boiling Water

The temperature of the water used for steeping greatly impacts the tea's flavor profile. Brewing tea at the appropriate temperature allows for a balanced extraction of its essence. Boiling water accelerates the release of bitter compounds, resulting in an unpleasant taste. Adjusting the water temperature according to the type of tea preserves its delicate flavors. Optimal temperatures range from 75°C to 95°C, depending on the tea variety, ensuring a harmonious infusion.



Leaving tea leaves to steep for too long leads to over-extraction, yielding a bitter and astringent brew. Achieving the perfect balance between aroma, flavor, and texture requires precise timing. Following recommended steeping guidelines ensures a nuanced and enjoyable cup of tea. Referencing suggested infusion times based on tea type guarantees optimal results, enhancing the overall tea-drinking experience.


Loose Leaves in the Teapot

One prevalent mistake is allowing loose tea leaves to remain in the teapot during serving. This oversight leads to prolonged steeping, resulting in a bitter and unpalatable brew. Using an infuser allows for easy separation of leaves from the liquor at the desired infusion time, preserving the tea's delicate flavors. By implementing this simple technique, tea enthusiasts can enjoy a consistently delicious cup of tea without compromising its natural properties.



In conclusion, mastering the art of tea requires attention to detail and a willingness to refine one's technique. By avoiding these five common mistakes, men can elevate their tea-drinking experience and savor the true essence of each brew. Cheers to a perfect cup of ekön tea every time!

Por Griselda Churuvija - ITMA Certified Tea Master

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