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Essential Office Items for Men

Many of us work in offices of one kind or another, and they can all too often become places of stress. Rapidly approaching deadlines, annoying co-workers, difficult bosses—it all adds up.

So make the experience of being in the office a better one every day. Here are some of the best office items you can use to create the perfect working environment.


Plants introduce color, freshen up the air, and provide a soothing, calming element when the stressometer rises. Find something that is really easy to look after and doesn’t demand direct sunlight (cactuses are perfect, and they look cool), then just remember to water it regularly.


Desktop Toys 

It doesn’t matter how serious your job is, we are men—and men like toys. Toys make some of the best items for office desks, and there’s a whole world of desktop toys out there. How about a desktop golf set or pool table? These are a great way to bond with your workmates on breaks. And if you’re going to procrastinate, do it properly.


Your Own Mug

Forget the office mugs: bring in your own to enjoy your tea or coffee when needed. It’s always good to have your own mug, especially something that reflects your personality.


Vintage Stuff 

Let’s get one thing straight: vintage stuff looks good. It doesn’t matter if it is 100 percent functional or not, it makes a great item of men’s office decor.

Vintage items add an element of sophistication and charm. They could even help with that promotion you’ve been seeking (no guarantees). Old cameras, globes, lamps—you name it, these are great to have nearby.


Whiskey Decanter

A controversial one, maybe, and we’re not saying turn up to your first day carrying one. But there’s no doubt about it: whiskey decanters are sophistication personified.

They are particularly suitable if you have your own office where you hold important client meetings and want to impress.


The Fisher Space Pen

Despite most of your writing these days taking place on a screen, you still need a pen around to scribble down notes. So make it a good one.

The Fisher Space Pen is a great choice. A gadget as well as a pen, it not only rocks an award-winning design, it also writes upside down and underwater. Well worth having on your desk, taking to meetings, or using on the commute.


Swiss Army Knife 

Sure, you won’t need to do much DIY in the office. But there will be times when a screw needs tightening or a draw needs fixing—and you can be the guy who fixes it. An original Swiss Army Knife is one thing every man needs, and it’s always useful to have one around the place.


Ergonomic Chair 

Most of us spend far too long sitting down each day, but you can reduce the resulting aches and pains by investing (or getting your boss to invest in) an ergonomic chair. These are much more comfortable, and some of them look great too.



Show off your style and personality with some artwork framed above your desk. Soothing, calming artwork can help you refocus, and it’s also a good talking point. And if you’ve got kids, stick one of their pictures to the wall to keep you smiling during your working day.


Make Your Office Your Own 

Wherever you work, whatever you do, add personality and a bit of fun to your office with these suggestions. Whether for stress relief, talking points, or to reflect your personality, some items are always worth having around.

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