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Are ekön teas OK and safe for women?

What is the recommended quantity to use?

Do ekön tea products contain caffeine?

Where can I find ekön products?

Are ekön tea products sugar-free?

What are the ingredients in your different blends?

What is the best way to store my ekön tea?

If I brew my tea for more time than specified, do I get a stronger flavor? What if I pour more than the suggested quantity?

Where are the company’s headquarters?

Where do the base tea blends come from or originate?

Do ekön tea products contain gluten?

Will the Energy PM tea impact my sleeping?

I’ve been drinking the Detox tea for a week but I don’t see any results. When should I see and feel noticeable changes?

How can I contact you to become an ekön tea distributor?

Can I drink ekön cold or iced?

Do ekön blends expire?


When will I receive my order?

I need to change the address of my order. What should I do?

Loose leaf tea

What is loose leaf tea?

Why loose leaf tea?